Living in Oliver, BC, the Wine Capital of Canada, has opened up a new source of material. The Vineyard. I worked in a vineyard for several months to understand and make a connection with the vine. The action of pruning, thinning, tying and taping brought a whole new perspective to the wine that I was consuming. It truely is an Art in itself. One cannot really appreciate the time and care involved in bringing the grape to the glass.
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Exhibition Review
My Canadian Lynx is from a series of animal ink drawings on rawhide drums. The Lynx is known for its short tail and characteristic tufts on the tips of their ears. They are solitary animals that have their dens in crevices or under ledges in high altitude forests with dense cover of shrubs and grass. These fearless cats hunt on the ground, climb trees, and love to swim while catching fish.
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In my new series of 23 paintings, I call upon my love of words to inspire the creative ghosts. Canadian singer/harpist, Loreena McKennitt has inspired several of my works, one being All Souls Night. Poet, Samuel Coleridge inspired In Xanadu, and author Ann Rice inspired Theatre des Vampires and Lestat.
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Cherlynne J. Sweet - ARTIST

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REVIEW by the Penticton and District Community Arts Council: This show is not only intriguing, but hauntingly challenging as the viewer delves into the depths of their own being for an answer to some profound questions of one’s own existence. This is one of the beauties of Abstract Art, it allows the viewer to bring his/her own beliefs to the surface and exam that which we truly are, an unbelievable experience, and one that no one should miss. This Exhibition was shown at the Leir House Cultural Centre, and was sponsored by the Penticton and District Community Arts Council.
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