I use all different sizes of canvas, preferring the larger ones. I like Big! And, the glossy oil paint that I use allows me to bring another dimension into my work, the reflections, which add to the luminosity of the canvas by reflecting the light from other areas of the room. Each moment of the day, and the natural light of the room creates a unique presence. And each presence tells a complex story started by the title, leaving the rest to the imagination; the pouring and movement of the paint, dripping, and running, globbing, overlapping, forming manipulated and natural patterns as it goes, adding texture to the design.
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Theatre des Vampires - 36x48

"Everything is Black and White"
an Exhibition

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Cherlynne J. Sweet - ARTIST

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Canvas # 1
Mountain Reflections
Oil on Canvas
20 x 24 $450
Canvas # 2
City of Souls
Oil on Canvas
20 x 24 $395
Canvas # 3
Chariot of the Gods
Oil on Canvas
20 x 24 $650

Canvas # 4
Oil on Canvas
20 x 24 $550
Canvas #1
Canvas #2
Canvas #3
Canvas #4
Phoenix Design