Cherlynne J. Sweet - ARTIST

The Lynx, Cougar, Grizzly, and Wolf were painted and drawn on rawhide drums. The prints of these Canadian wild animals have been made into note cards with envelopes for gifts or can be framed as works of art. A linen paper has been used to enhance the pictures with texture. ($10 for package of 4 different prints)
Canadian Wild Animal Card Prints

Animal Series Prints

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The Timber Wolf, also known as the Grey Wolf, have their dens on high ground near an open water source and live in packs consisting of the male, female, and their offspring. The Wolf is built for stamina, long distance travel, having larger paw size, larger teeth, and longer legs than the domestic dog.
The Grizzly, also known as the Silvertip Bear, is a subspecies of the Brown Bear. These animals are omnivores and lead active, solitary lives. Usually the mother and cubs are together only for a short time, then they are on their own to rival the Grey Wolf for the next meal.
The Mountain Lion, also known as a Cougar, is a slender and agile predator which stalks and ambushes its prey. The largest of the small cats, their dens are found in caves or alcoves with only the mother and kittens living in the group.
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Available - $400